Children’s dentistry – regular visits are important

Life Dental - children's dentistry

Every member of the life dental team looks forward to seeing children in our practice. A child’s early dental experience will determine their approach to dental care appointments and oral health for their life, so it is important they become familiar with our practice team and surroundings from a young age.

At Life Dental, we make appointments a fun experience for children. Many first visits are often to introduce your child to the life team and to familiarise the child with the dental chair and equipment. This visit will usually consist of a quick check of their teeth, gums, jaw and bite, lasting between 15-30 minutes. By the age of three, most children will have received all their primary (baby) teeth and although they will fall out naturally, it is essential they are cared for in the same way as their permanent teeth.

Primary teeth play a vital role in their facial bone structure and speech development. Many parents like to schedule their appointment at the same time so their children can see them having their teeth examined too; this often makes children more calm and receptive when it is their turn for an exam. Sometimes you may need to schedule additional visits every three to four months when your child is very young. These visits allow us to monitor jawbone and tooth development. We can then advise you of the need for future orthodontic treatment, if necessary.

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