Life Dental - fluoride

Fluoride helps to reduce tooth decay and as such, is added to the water supply of many cities and towns in an effort to improve the oral health of the population.

When a tooth has developed, fluoride makes its structure more resistant to decay and helps replenish lost minerals. This aids in repairing early decay caused through acids and bacteria, even before any damage is visible. Application of a fluoride gel placed in mouth trays is advised every six months. In conjunction with professional teeth cleaning at life dental, fluoride treatments will help to keep your smile white, strong, clean and healthy.

Although fluoride is good for teeth and bones, excess fluoride may result in marks forming on developing teeth. Be sure you and your children do not swallow toothpaste, mouthwash or overuse fluoride supplements. If you have any questions regarding fluoride, check with one of the life dental team at your next appointment.