Crowns and bridges

Life Dental - crowns and bridges

An efficient and popular solution for restoring a tooth back to its full function and natural appearance is a dental crown. Made from high-grade ceramic, crowns are designed to encase a single tooth and are utilised when damage or decay is too extensive for a filling to be used successfully.

A crown is also the final restoration phase after receiving a dental implant. Although mainly used for reconstructive purposes, crowns are becoming increasingly popular for cosmetic procedures to achieve a beautiful straight smile.

While a crown is used to restore a single tooth, a bridge is an effective option for replacing one or several missing teeth. In addition to replacing missing teeth to restore your smile, a bridge prevents your adjacent teeth from moving out of alignment and into the vacant space. A bridge is held in place by crowns secured to natural teeth on either side of the space.

Receiving a crown or bridge will require two appointment visits and involves careful preparation and planning to ensure your final restoration is long-lasting and natural in appearance.

Once prepared, a detailed impression mould is made and your replacement teeth are shaped in a dental laboratory ensuring an exact match.  This will take up to two weeks.  During this time we place a temporary crown or bridge so that you can retain your full smile and function.

At your following appointment your temporary crowns are removed and your permanent crowns secured. Regular cleaning and examinations with our team will ensure your new crown or bridge, as well as your overall oral health, remains in peak condition.