Life Dental - radiographs

Some of the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment now available has been specially developed for the dental profession. To ensure your appointment is efficient and comfortable at life dental, we have leading-edge technology housed within our practice.

Digital radiographs and film x-rays enable your life dental dentist to obtain important information, which is then used in planning your treatment. They show the condition of your teeth, roots, jaw placement and the overall composition of your facial structure.

They are invaluable for diagnosing the presence of gum disease, abscesses and any abnormal growths, including cysts and tumours. They are vital in the early detection of cavities and assist in determining other signs of disease not able to be seen during a visual exam.

An intra-oral camera is a highly advanced piece of diagnostic equipment, which enables you to see on a monitor what we see during your examination. The intra-oral camera handpiece has a built-in light source and a miniature video camera with 25 times zoom magnification, so we can explain to you in detail what needs to be done and you can make informed treatment decisions with confidence.

A digital OPG is taken while you are standing, your chin gently rests on a small shelf so your head is stable. Taking only a few minutes, an OPG scanning machine will travel in a semi-circle motion around your face. This produces a full panoramic image of your mouth, teeth and bone structure. This detailed x-ray is used for treatment planning for gum disease, complicated restorative procedures, dental implants and removal of wisdom teeth. Should you require an OPG radiograph, a referral will be arranged by one of the life dental team members for you.