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Bite Splints

If you wake with a headache, neck, shoulder or back pain, it may be the result of alignment problems with your teeth and jaw. Grinding and clenching teeth is called bruxism and can cause cracking and chipping of your tooth enamel leading to uneven wear of your tooth surfaces.

This is a subconscious condition, which you may not even be aware of as it mostly occurs during sleep. Your bite force can be up to six times greater than when you are awake, as you have no muscle control.

During your regular oral examinations at life dental, one of our team members can check for excess and uneven tooth wear as this may indicate bruxism or tooth misalignment.

A custom-made night guard or bite splint from life dental is developed from high quality acrylic and worn to absorb your bite force and protect your teeth from further damage. It can also relieve the soreness in your jaw joints and chewing muscles caused through continual strain whilst sleeping.


If you or any member of your family, especially children, participates in a contact sport or activity where there is a significant risk of a facial injury occurring, a mouthguard is an essential piece of protective equipment.

A life dental mouthguard made to fit precisely can lessen the chance of being knocked unconscious and help prevent serious injuries such as jaw and tooth fractures, concussion and injuries sustained when the lower jaw is forced unexpectedly into the upper jaw as a result of a collision.

There are a large variety of mouthguards available from sports stores and pharmacies, however, they offer only very limited protection. A custom-made mouthguard from life dental provides the best protection as it is specifically shaped to your bite pattern, mouth and gum contour from a detailed cast of your mouth. This enables you to speak more clearly and breathe more easily than you would while wearing an over the counter option.