Life Dental - orthodontics

With the development of lightweight, tooth coloured, clear and even removable appliances, orthodontic treatment is vastly different from the old-fashioned metal braces many people remember.

A dental treatment once only prescribed for teenagers, orthodontics is now being prescribed for children as young as 7 and adults of all ages. The main benefit of applying orthodontic treatment to young patients is that as their facial bone structure is still developing, their teeth and jawbone are easier to guide into their optimal position and is accomplished in a shorter timeframe than in older patients.

Orthodontics is not only applied to create a straight smile, it also corrects alignment problems between the teeth, jawbone, head and neck, which could develop into other health complications later in life.

At life dental, we will conduct a thorough assessment examination of your teeth, gums, jaw positioning and general oral health. From this we are able to refer you to our preferred orthodontic specialist for your treatment.

Depending on you or your child’s personal circumstances, treatment may be as brief as six months or extend to eighteen months or more. Our orthodontic specialist constantly updates the life dental team of your progress.