Snoring prevention

Life Dental -snoring prevention

Often the butt of many jokes as well as disrupting the sleeping patterns of a partner, snoring affects approximately 40% of the adult population. Snoring occurs when the muscles at the back of the throat relax and vibrate as you breathe in and out.

Although not always medically concerning it can be embarrassing. Some snorers have been recorded at up to 90 decibels, as loud as a radio controlled model aeroplane. For some patients the loss of several kilos can significantly reduce their level of snoring.

One very effective device available from life dental is a custom-made oral splint. When correctly fitted they have been shown to reduce the frequency and sound volume of snoring. They work by increasing the airway space and reducing airway constriction, providing a stable position of the jawbone, advancement of the tongue and soft palate and improvement in upper airway muscle activity.